Camping and Fishing

Camping and Fishingfishing

Well folks, as alot of us have experienced when camping near water, fishing is a great activity and pass time. Never gone fishing? You have to at least try it once! Even if you’re not the type to get your hands dirty, just bring along a friend that does. There is nothing more satisfying than reeling in a fish for the first time! You don’t even have to gut and scale or eat the thing you can just catch and release.

“But I just came out to relax and have a few cold ones with my friends.”  Well my friend, You’re in luck, because a good portion of the time that’s pretty much what fishing is! Of course if your “cold ones” are of the alcoholic type, then just make sure it’s allowed where you’re at and drink responsibly. ( just had to put that in there).

Okay, so if you’re not the fisherman kind and fishing is on your camping itinerary then there are a few things you’re gonna need. First, pretty much no matter where you are in the U.S. nowadays you have have a fishing license. You can get a yearly license or you can get a temporary one, usually good for about two weeks depending on where you are. You will need a state issued I.D. to get one ( Drivers Lic. or I.D.). You will also need a fishing pole, hooks, sinkers, floaters (optional) and bait (live or artificial). I know It sounds like alot of hassle, but really you can get everything you need in one stop at your local Superstore  or the like and it’s fairly inexpensive for a basic set for beginners. Bait you can buy live or artificial, both at the superstore and some convenience stores and you’re ready to go!

I’ll post other more in depth blog on the subject of fishing as well as camping . I believe you can comment on here as well. Have fun folks!

These kits are fairly cheap and seem to work fairly well for the beginner. Click on the image to purchase online.

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