So, You Want To Go Camping?

images (1)So, You Want To Go Camping?
Ah.. Those magical words you either love or dread to hear. If your’re like me, I jump at the opportunity to get out of town and away form the everyday hustle and bustle of the city. Then there are those whose idea of Roughing it is a non suite room at the Marriott. Either way, most of us have heard those words a time or two from our friends and or relatives, kids and so on. If you like to camp and are an experienced camper then you probably have everything you need and then some for a spur of the moment excursion or a well planned extended camp out. For those of you who aren’t so well prepared, here is a little advice.

First of all, let’s get one thing out of the way. If you are going “Camping” we’ll assume you are staying for two nights or more. With that out of the way, here is a few questions you have to ask yourself. Where am I going? Who is going? How many people are going to be there? Who (if any) am I taking with me? Who and what am I responsible for?

Whether It’s just you or with a group, the basics are still the same. Food, Water, Shelter. Always make sure you bring enough to eat and snack and always bring a little extra. Water, just for yourself about two gallons per day should do it depending on your activity level or whatever other drinks you may have brought. (sports drinks, sodas, ect..) When It’s just me, I bring two of those 2.5 gallon water jugs you get at the supermarket if I’m only there two days. As for shelter, well it all depends on your comfort level. For an adult a simple small two man tent and a sleeping bag will do and ALWAYS bring extra blankets, a pillow or something to use as a pillow. Usually a back pack with your change of clothes and extra jacket will do the trick. Now this is just your basic needs, my friends, other things you may want to include are a folding CAMP CHAIR as there is not always a place to sit, a flashlight and or mini lantern to see in the dark. Extra batteries for all of your equipment and nowadays a car charger for your electronic devices. Toilet paper and a small shovel if you plan to use the bathroom, a pot or pan to warm water or cook your food in (unless you are sustaining yourself on sandwiches, cold prepared meals or MRE’s), a small grill or camp stove. Fuel for your stove or grill.(charcoal, lighter fluid, butane cannister, white gas or whatever your cooking apparatus requires), Matches, a lighter and firewood if needed. A cooler for your food and drinks and please don’t make the rookie mistake of bringing a styrofoam cooler with you. They are flimsy, break easy and little wild critters can easily dig into them, rendering the cooler useless.

This may seem like alot to think about just to go out for a couple of days to hang out with friends in the wilderness for a couple of days, but if you at least bring these basics you’ll save yourself the headache of having to ask your friends for stuff or have to drive to the nearest store to get supplies. Oh, One more thing. ICE! especially in really hot climates, don’t forget plenty of ice. Block ice last longer than cubed ice, but cubed ice is more convenient. I usually do block ice in my food cooler and cubed ice in my drink cooler.

Eventually, this routine becomes second nature to you and a couple of days hanging out with friends or family becomes a simple task. I can’t even count the amount of times i’ve seen people very unprepared for these little outdoor excursions and it just makes them miserable. Even if camping isn’t your cup of tea, you’d be surprised how much fun you could have as long as you are prepared and comfortable. Just sit back, relax with your favorite beverage and enjoy a good time with friends and or family. Happy camping my friends!

Two man tents can vary in price from $20.00 on up all depends on brand and quality. you can look at some of your options by clicking on the pics below. (It is always recommended to place a tarp under your tent to avoid damage to the floor and moisture issues.




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