Where To Pitch A Tent

Where to Pitch a Tent


The decision to where to place you campsite greatly depends on where you are camping. The camping basics are to choose a site where you are protected from the elements. ( rock outcroppings, stand of trees and so on. Distance from roads or other disturbances, access to water and distance from safety concerns, level ground (if available) and accessibility in general.

Generally your Ideal campsite wherever you may be, must have at least some degree of level ground where to set up your shelter or tent. ( we’ll assume for this blog we are tent camping) Make sure the spot you place your tent is free of rocks or debris thoutdoorcorner.jpgat may damage your tent floor or yourself  and gear. Try to make sure the spot is slightly elevated so that any water will flow away from your tent to prevent leaking or flooding in case of rain. Always make sure you are not camping on a flood plain or flash flood area. If it looks like water has traveled through there before, it probably will again. This mistake happens alot in desert camping. Campers often don’t think of flooding because they in a desert, but a good rain can turn a desert into a raging flowing river of muddy water and debris in a matter of minutes. It doesn’t take much rain water to do so. In wooded areas, if camping under trees, make sure the branches above you are strong and stable, no big dry limbs that could fall on you during bad weather. If in the desert, arid or semiarid terrain try to find some shade if possible.( an outcropping of sorts or something to provide shade) It all depends on how prepared you are. Deserts can get extremely cold at night so you may want shade in the afternoon and sunlight in the morning to warm you up after a cold night. In cooler climates you may want the opposite. Sun in the afternoon and shade in the morning hours, it all depends on your preference really. I am quite the opposite. I hate the tent getting hot in the mornings, desert or woods.  You will want to have a sufficient clearing to where your fire pit is not too close to vegetation, dry plant material or anything that creates a fire hazard, a clear path leading to and from the campsite and make sure you are away from any animal trails or paths. Placing the opening of your tent  in the direction of the wind (breeze) will help with the flying bugs a bit, they’ll tend to hang out on the opposite side.  Make sure you are away from mosquitos, ants, bee’s nests and the like and you will be as good as gold.

Don’t forget the view. Part of going camping and relaxing in the outdoors is your view. You want to be able to sit outside you tent at your campsite, breathe in the clean air and enjoy all you survey. Closed in and private or wide open and free, you should camp in a place you feel comfortable and secure in. The perfect camping spot is essentially what you make it. Your experience while you are there and the memories you take with you. If the spot doesn’t feel just right, then go as little further. The right spot will come along. I believe you can comment on this blog, so feel free to leave comments and or insights. Have fun folks!

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